Hold 50+ $BANANA for 4 hours to qualify for holding rewards.
Unclaimed ETH0 ETH
Unclaimed SOL0 SOL
Current APY0%
Total Earned ETH0 ETH
Total Earned SOL0 SOL
Rewards EVM
Rewards SOL
Rewards USD
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HOW DOES IT WORKFor every epoch of holding 50 $BANANA you will receive rewards. You can claim in $BANANA or $ETH. You can only claim when your accrued rewards are > 0.1E to keep gas costs reasonable.Solana rewards are separate and require you to fill in a valid Solana wallet address. Your rewards must be over 0.2 SOL to claim.
Reward ForfeitureIf you sell or transfer > 300 $BANANA you will forfeit the rewards for that epoch. If your $BANANA holdings go below 50 $BANANA your entire accrued revenue share will be redistributed among all holders.
Claiming InformationYou must sign in with your wallet to claim. You may only claim once every 24 hours. If claims are congested or the price is volatile, your $BANANA claim may fail. If this happens please try again later.
Reward CalculatorRewards are calculated using the APR extrapolated over different time ranges. Solana rewards are combined with EVM rewards to generate total $BANANA and USD values.